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                POST TIME:2013-07-23 18:19:57

                  项目处于宝安区福永汽车站旁,紧邻107国道,是连接沙井-福永-西乡的重要纽500vip彩票可以玩吗带。法国DELD当代500vip彩票公司主创设计师参与设计,本项目作为连接西乡与福永南德重要节点,地理位置优越。位于航500vip彩票安卓下载 w.801768.com空版,发展前景很大,随500vip彩票的真实性着时间的发展,本区域也将成为深圳居住500VIP彩票官方网站片区的热地,项目作为大地块的一期,要注重前期轰动效应,带动整个地块价值的提升。
                亚洲庭院空间与现代艺术形成强烈↑对比和碰500vip彩票10500 com撞

                HUAIDE  square
                Lead designer: Hugo、Xiang He
                Style: New Asian style
                Area: 50,000 ㎡
                Location: Shenzhen City 
                Developer: Huaide Real Estate
                  Located in Fuyong town, Bao’an district, Shenzhen City, next to bus station and adjacent to 107 national highway. It is a important traffic to link Shajing, Fuyong and Xixiang. This project is transportation and close to the airport, the geographical position is superior, with the passage of time the region will become a popular residential area in Shenzhen. The first phase of the project as a major project, should pay attention to make a sensational effect at prophase , thereby giving impetus the land value to appreciate. 
                New Asian style--- Living nature, Oriental luxury
                Between Asian garden space and modern art form have strong contrast and collision.
                Embodies the essence of Oriental artistic conception is luxury, elegant, quiet and leisure.
                The most quiet and comfortable relaxation, great quality of life, implicit in the big city.