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                POST TIME:2013-07-23 13:43:21



                Guiyang. Top Glory(A)
                Syle: Contemporary Thai
                Area:68,000 m2
                Location: Guiyang City, Guizhou Province
                Developer: China Railway Real Estate Group
                  The project, mountain parks on the east and west sides, is planned for a regular south-north range layout. The landscape makes best use of the advantages and bypasses the disadvantages, such as through the east-west sight in usage of mountain scenery making it to be a kernel garden community. The landscape combines functions and courtyards then processes by grade to enhance contrast therefore a landscape layout which includes a community center landscape Four Seasons Garden, three group courtyards Leisure Park, Floral Park and Meiyu Park, and a sports & leisure promenade being formed.
                  The project conducts a necessary refining to the traditional style elements and abandons the rich religious component to make it being provided with a strong modern Southeast Asian Thai landscape community by a serious of elements comprising variable space layout, dense greenery, changeable waterscape, unique structures, exotic cloth goods and patterned pavements.